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Iceberg was decommissioned on 30th November 2020. Users of Iceberg need to switch to using ShARC and/or Bessemer instead.

Intel Compilers

The Intel compilers help create C, C++ and Fortran applications that can take full advantage of the advanced hardware capabilities available in Intel processors and co-processors. They also simplify that development by providing high level parallel models and built-in features like explicit vectorization and optimization reports.

Several versions of the Intel compilers were installed on this cluster as part of Intel Parallel Studio but can be used with or without the other Parallel Studio components.

Usage and compilation examples

After connecting to iceberg (see Establishing a SSH connection), start an interactive session with the qsh or qrsh command. To make one of the versions of the Intel compilers available, run one of the following module commands

module load compilers/intel/17.0.0
module load compilers/intel/15.0.3
module load compilers/intel/14.0
module load compilers/intel/12.1.15
module load compilers/intel/11.0


To compile the C hello world example into an executable called hello using the Intel C compiler:

icc hello.c -o hello


To compile the C++ hello world example into an executable called hello using the Intel C++ compiler:

icpc hello.cpp -o hello


To compile the Fortran hello world example into an executable called hello using the Intel Fortran compiler:

ifort hello.f90 -o hello

Detailed Documentation

Once you have loaded the module on Iceberg, man pages are available for Intel compiler products

man ifort
man icc

The following links are to Intel’s website:

Licensing and availability

See the information on Parallel Studio licensing.

Installation Notes

The following notes are primarily for system administrators.

Version 17.0.0

Installed as part of Parallel Studio Composer Edition 2017.

This modulefile was installed as /usr/local/modulefiles/compilers/intel/17.0.0.

Version 15.0.3

  • The install is located on the system at /usr/local/packages6/compilers/intel/2015/

  • The license file is at /usr/local/packages6/compilers/intel/license.lic

  • The environment variable INTEL_LICENSE_FILE is set by the environment module and points to the license file location

  • Download the files l_ccompxe_2015.3.187.tgz (C/C++) and l_fcompxe_2015.3.187.tgz (Fortran) from Intel Portal.

  • Put the above .tgz files in the same directory as :download:</iceberg/software/install_scripts/compilers/intel/2015.3/> and silent_master.cfg

  • Run

  • To find what was required in the module file:

    env > base.env
    source /usr/local/packages6/compilers/intel/2015/composer_xe_2015.3.187/bin/ intel64
    env > after_intel.env
    diff base.env after_intel.env
  • The module file is on iceberg at /usr/local/modulefiles/compilers/intel/15.0.3

Versions 14 and below

Installation notes are not available for these older versions of the Intel compilers.