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Iceberg was decommissioned on 30th November 2020. Users of Iceberg need to switch to using ShARC and/or Bessemer instead.

NAG Fortran Compiler

The NAG Fortran Compiler is robust, highly tested, and valued by developers all over the globe for its checking capabilities and detailed error reporting. The Compiler is available on Unix platforms as well as for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac platforms. Release 6.0 has extensive support for both legacy and modern Fortran features, and also supports parallel programming with OpenMP.

Making the NAG Compiler available

After connecting to iceberg (see Establishing a SSH connection), start an interactive sesssion with the qsh or qrsh command. To make a version of the NAG Fortran Compiler available, run one of following module commands:

module load compilers/NAG/6.1
module load compilers/NAG/6.0

Compilation examples

To compile the Fortran hello world example into an executable called hello using the NAG compiler

nagfor hello.f90 -o hello

Detailed Documentation

Once you’ve run one of the NAG Compiler module command, man documentation is available:

man nagfor

Online documentation:

Installation Notes

The following notes are primarily for system administrators:


Add the license key(s) to /usr/local/packages5/nag/license.lic.

The license key needs to be updated annually before 31st July.

The NAG compiler environment modules (see below) set the environment variable $NAG_KUSARI_FILE to the path to this file.

Version 6.1

  1. Perform an unattended install using this script. The software will be installed into /usr/local/packages6/compilers/NAG/6.1.

  2. Install this modulefile as /usr/local/modulefiles/compilers/NAG/6.1

  3. Test the installation by compiling and building a sample Fortran 90 program

    module load compilers/NAG/6.1
    nagfor -o /tmp/f90_util /usr/local/packages6/compilers/NAG/6.1/lib/NAG_Fortran/f90_util.f90

Version 6.0

Run the following interactively:

mkdir -p /usr/local/packages6/compilers/NAG/6.0
tar -xvzf ./npl6a60na_amd64.tgz
cd NAG_Fortran-amd64/

Run the interactive install script


Accept the license and answer the questions as follows:

Install compiler binaries to where [/usr/local/bin]?

Install compiler library files to where [/usr/local/lib/NAG_Fortran]?

Install compiler man page to which directory [/usr/local/man/man1]?

Suffix for compiler man page [1] (i.e. nagfor.1)?
Press enter

Install module man pages to which directory [/usr/local/man/man3]?

Suffix for module man pages [3] (i.e. f90_gc.3)?
Press Enter

Install this modulefile as /usr/local/modulefiles/compilers/NAG/6.0

Finally, test the installation by compiling and building a sample Fortran 90 program

module load compilers/NAG/6.0
nagfor -o /tmp/f90_util /usr/local/packages6/compilers/NAG/6.0/lib/NAG_Fortran/f90_util.f90