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Iceberg was decommissioned on 30th November 2020. Users of Iceberg need to switch to using ShARC and/or Bessemer instead.

Intel Threading Building Blocks

Threading Building Blocks (TBB) lets you write “parallel C++ programs that take full advantage of multicore performance, that are portable and composable, and that have future-proof scalability.”

Interactive usage

TBB can be used with and without other Parallel Studio packages.

To make use of it you first need to start an interactive session that has access to multiple cores. Here we request six cores from the clusters’ scheduler:

$ qrsh -pe openmp 6

Next, we need to active a specific version of TBB:

$ module load libs/binlibs/intel-tbb/2017.0

You can find sample TBB programs in the directory $TBB_SAMPLES:


common  concurrent_hash_map  concurrent_priority_queue  GettingStarted  graph  index.html  license.txt  parallel_do  parallel_for  parallel_reduce  pipeline  task  task_arena  task_group  test_all

We can compile and run a sample program by copying the samples to our (writable) home directory, moving in to the directory containing the sample program (which should have a Makefile) then running make:

$ cp -r $TBB_SAMPLES ~/tbb_samples
$ cd ~/tbb_samples/GettingStarted/sub_string_finder/
$ ls

license.txt  Makefile  readme.html  sub_string_finder.cpp  sub_string_finder_extended.cpp  sub_string_finder_pretty.cpp

$ make

g++ -O2 -DNDEBUG  -o sub_string_finder sub_string_finder.cpp -ltbb -lrt
g++ -O2 -DNDEBUG  -o sub_string_finder_pretty sub_string_finder_pretty.cpp -ltbb -lrt
g++ -O2 -DNDEBUG  -o sub_string_finder_extended sub_string_finder_extended.cpp -ltbb -lrt
 Done building string.
 Done with serial version.
 Done with parallel version.
 Done validating results.
Serial version ran in 8.51745 seconds
Parallel version ran in 1.51716 seconds

Many of the sample directories contain HTML documentation. To read this you need to start an interactive graphical session (using qsh or qrshx) then run:

$ firefox ~/tbb_samples/index.html


See Chrys Woods’ excellent tutorials for C++ programmers and Python programmers.

Licensing and availability

See the information on Parallel Studio licensing.

Installation Notes

The following notes are primarily for system administrators.

Intel TBB 2017.0

Installed as part of Parallel Studio Composer Edition 2017.

This modulefile was installed as /usr/local/modulefiles/libs/binlibs/intel-tbb/2017.0.