Connecting with SSH


You must be connected to the VPN, whether you are located on or off campus, to connect to Stanage. Note this applies even if you are on-campus using a wired ethernet connection.


Usernames to connect with all HPC services will be the same as those you use to login to MUSE not the prefix on your email address.

Once you have a terminal open run the following command to log in to a cluster:

ssh -X $

When connecting for the first time you should make sure that the SSH ‘fingerprint’ is correct. The RSA, ECDSA and ED25519 fingerprints for Stanage’s login nodes are:

SHA256:mFfJmZHH0SUogoUhTtlatoZLEacfGAlj0cTrnInO5z0 (RSA)
SHA256:4HdvK3C1KDm+JG1TzxQKxezMz5ojEORynHUqF9tQfoI (ECDSA)
SHA256:aaTv+0TEc0nj7WR2ZuBYWFDD+QqzOKJpMjEFKBx6pQU (ED25519)

Your SSH client will show one of these fingerprints by default. If any one of these fingerprints matches you should continue.


If none of these fingerprints matches the fingerprint shown in your terminal please contact the IT Services’ Research and Innovation team .

You can then launch an interactive session on Stanage using the following command:

srun --mem=XXG --pty bash -i

where XX is the memory request for the session (default is 2Gb).