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High Performance Computing at Sheffield

A picture showing some of the Iceberg hardware.

The current High Performance Computing (HPC) system at Sheffield, is the Iceberg cluster.

A new system, ShARC (Sheffield Advanced Research Computer), is currently under development. It is not yet ready for use.

Research Computing Team

The research computing team are the team responsible for the iceberg service, as well as all other aspects of research computing. If you require support with iceberg, training or software for your workstations, the research computing team would be happy to help. Take a look at the Research Computing website or email

Research Software Engineering Team

The Sheffield Research Software Engineering Team is an academically led group that collaborates closely with CiCS. They can assist with code optimisation, training and all aspects of High Performance Computing including GPU computing along with local, national, regional and cloud computing services. Take a look at the Research Software Engineering website or email