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Citing the HPC services in publications

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We acknowledge IT Services at The University of Sheffield for the provision of services for High Performance Computing.

Text for grant proposal letters of support

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The University of Sheffield has invested circa £3M in providing a state of the art High Performance Compute cluster, Stanage, to meet the computational requirements of its researchers.

Stanage complements the two existing HPCs (ShARC & Bessemer), and provides a large increase in CPU compute cores (~12,000), and high performance GPUs (64 A100s & 12 H100s). Researchers will leverage this in-house resource to pursue advanced research in ML/AI, NLP, engineering applications and many other areas and advance the University’s status as a top flight research institution.

In addition, through the University of Sheffield researchers can access and get local Research Software Engineer support for the Bede and JADE2 ‘tier 2’ (regional) GPU-equipped HPC systems. Bede has 32 GPU-equipped worker nodes, each with 4 V100 GPUs and JADE2 has 63 worker nodes, each with 8 V100 GPUs.