ShARC will be decommissioned on the 30th of November 2023, after which time users will no longer be able to access that cluster and any jobs running or queueing at that time will be cancelled.

Please see our page of important info about ShARC’s decommissioning.

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We acknowledge IT Services at The University of Sheffield for the provision of services for High Performance Computing.

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The University of Sheffield has invested circa £3M in providing a state of the art High Performance Compute cluster, Stanage, to meet the computational requirements of its researchers.

Stanage complements the two existing HPCs (ShARC & Bessemer), and provides a large increase in CPU compute cores (~12,000), and high performance GPUs (64 A100s & 12 H100s). Researchers will leverage this in-house resource to pursue advanced research in ML/AI, NLP, engineering applications and many other areas and advance the University’s status as a top flight research institution.

In addition, through the University of Sheffield researchers can access and get local Research Software Engineer support for the Bede and JADE2 ‘tier 2’ (regional) GPU-equipped HPC systems. Bede has 32 GPU-equipped worker nodes, each with 4 V100 GPUs and JADE2 has 63 worker nodes, each with 8 V100 GPUs.