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Glossary of TermsΒΆ

The worlds of scientific and high performance computing are full of technical jargon that can seem daunting to newcomers. This glossary attempts to explain some of the most common terms as quickly as possible.

‘High Performance Computing’. The exact definition of this term is sometimes a subject of great debate but for the purposes of our services you can think of it as ‘Anything that requires more resources than a typical high-spec desktop or laptop PC’.
Acronymn for Graphics Processing Unit.
Acronymn for Sun Grid Engine.
Sun Grid Engine
The Sun Grid Engine is the software that controls and allocates resources on the system. There are many variants of ‘Sun Grid Engine’ in use worldwide and the variant in use at Sheffield is the Son of Grid Engine
Wallclock time
The actual time taken to complete a job as measured by a clock on the wall or your wristwatch.