ShARC will be decommissioned on the 30th of November 2023, after which time users will no longer be able to access that cluster and any jobs running or queueing at that time will be cancelled.

Please see our page of important info about ShARC’s decommissioning.


The Sheffield University Stanage HPC cluster logo.

The Sheffield University Stanage HPC cluster logo.


The latest changes and newly installed software on our clusters can be found on the HPC Changelog microsite.

This is the documentation for Stanage, the University of Sheffield’s new High Performance Computing cluster. Stanage is the logical successor to the ShARC cluster featuring more modern CPUs with significantly greater numbers of cores available.


It is highly recommended that users read the Stanage FAQ and Gotchas and Stanage TOTP multifactor authentication setup pages as these contain vital information for users new to the cluster.

In particular, first time connecting users struggling to connect should ensure they fully read the steps to setup and connect with TOTP multifactor authentication.