On the 21st of October 2021 we will be deploying multi-factor authentication on the HPC login nodes (ShARC & Bessemer) for all password logins.

For more information please see our page on this change.

Department or research group-specific nodes in Bessemer

Running Slurm batch jobs or interactive sessions on private nodes

To run Slurm jobs on private nodes you will need to specify at least one of:

  • A Slurm Account

  • A Slurm Partition

  • A Slurm QoS (Quality of Service)

You will be told what to specify when you are granted access to the private nodes.

To start an interactive session on a private node you want something like the following:

srun --account=SOMEACCOUNT --partition=SOMEPARTITION --qos=SOMEQOS --pty /bin/bash -i

To submit a batch start that will run on private node(s) you want something like the following in your batch job submission script: