DAFoam is an Open-Source Adjoint Framework for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization which leverages the open source OpenFOAM package for multiphysics analysis.

Interactive Usage

DAFoam v2.2.5 is provided only as a Singularity image and can be used interactively by issuing starting an interactive session with qrshx and then issuing the command:

singularity shell /usr/local/packages/singularity/images/DAFoam/DAFoam-v2.2.5-docker.simg

Then you must run the following command to setup the internal shell environment correctly:

. /home/dafoamuser/dafoam/loadDAFoam.sh

You can then use DAFoam as expected with the appropriate commands now available.

Batch Usage

Currently the usage of this container is limited to the SMP parallel environment and an example script is given below with the example NACA0012_Airfoil tutorial which is available from the DAFoam Github: https://github.com/DAFoam/tutorials/archive/master.tar.gz

#$ -l rmem=4G
#$ -pe smp 4
#$ -l h_rt=01:00:00
#$ -cwd
#$ -V

singularity exec --bind $PE_HOSTFILE:$PE_HOSTFILE:ro /usr/local/packages/singularity/images/DAFoam/DAFoam-v2.2.5-docker.simg /home/$USER/dafoam/tutorials-master/NACA0012_Airfoil/incompressible/DAfoam_internal_script.sh #All one line.

Where the DAfoam_internal_script.sh is as follows:

. /home/dafoamuser/dafoam/loadDAFoam.sh #Gap between dot and /home is important.
cd /home/$USER/dafoam/tutorials-master/NACA0012_Airfoil/incompressible
mpirun -np 4 python runScript.py

Installation notes

Installation was tested as above with the batch script and NACA0012_Airfoil tutorial.

This Singularity image has been bootstrapped from the project’s provided docker container and the following configuration:

Bootstrap: docker
From: dafoam/opt-packages:v2.2.5

      #Runs on host. The path to the image is $SINGULARITY_ROOTFS


%post  -c /bin/bash
      #Post setup, runs inside the image

  #Default mount paths
      mkdir /scratch /data /shared /fastdata

  #Install the packages you need
     echo $SHELL
     apt-get update
     apt-get install -y git curl wget cmake nano
     chmod 755 -R /home/dafoamuser/dafoam
     sed -i 's!$HOME!/home/dafoamuser!g'  /home/dafoamuser/dafoam/loadDAFoam.sh
     sed -i 's!source!.!g'  /home/dafoamuser/dafoam/loadDAFoam.sh