Scientific Computing and Visualisation

Interactive Usage

After connecting to sharc (see Establishing a SSH connection), start an interactive session with the qrshx command.

The latest version of Maple (currently 2018) is made available with the command

module load apps/maple

Alternatively, you can load a specific version with

module load apps/maple/2018/binary

You can then run the graphical version of Maple by entering xmaple or the command line version by entering maple.

Batch usage

It is not possible to run Maple worksheets in batch mode. Instead, you must convert your worksheet to a pure text file that contains a set of maple input commands. You can do this in Maple by opening your worksheet and clicking on File->Export As->Maple Input. The result will have the file extension .mpl

An example Sun Grid Engine submission script that makes use of a .mpl file called, for example, mycode.mpl is

# Request 4 gigabytes of real memory
#$ -l rmem=4G

module load apps/maple/2018

maple < mycode.mpl

For general information on how to submit batch jobs refer to Running batch jobs


Installation notes

These are primarily for administrators of the system.

Maple 2018

  • Run the installer and follow instructions.

  • Choose Install folder /usr/local/packages/apps/maple/2018/binary

  • Do not configure MATLAB

  • Choose a network license. Details on IT Services internal wiki.

  • Uncheck ‘Enable periodic checking for Maple 2018 updates’

  • Check ‘Check for updates now’

The module file is /usr/local/modulefiles/apps/maple/2018/binary.