Common SGE environment variables

Common SGE Environment Variables




The path of the job submission directory.


Contains the hostname of the node used for job submission.


The path to the home directory of the job owner on the host from which the job was submitted.


The content of the PATH environment variable in the context of the job submission command.


The working directory of the job submission command.


The task identifier in the array job represented by this task.


The path of a file that contains the definition (list) of the nodes that is assigned to a parallel job by the grid engine system


The parallel environment under which the job runs. This variable is for parallel jobs only.


The job name, which is built from the file name provided with the qsub command, a period, and the digits of the job ID.


The number of hosts in use by a parallel job.


The number of queue slots (cores) in use by a parallel job.


The user’s login shell as taken from the passwd file.


The job ID for the submitted job.

A full list of environment variables for SGE can be found by visiting the SGE page on environment variables.