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GNU Compiler Collection (gcc)

The GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) is a widely used, free collection of compilers for C (gcc), C++ (g++) and Fortran (gfortran).

It is possible to switch versions of the gcc compiler suite using modules. After connecting to Stanage, start an interactive session:

srun --pty bash -i

then choose the version of the compiler you wish to use by running one of the following lines:

module load GCC/8.2.0-2.31.1  # part of the foss-2019a toolchain
module load GCC/8.3.0         # part of the foss-2019b toolchain
module load GCC/9.2.0
module load GCC/9.3.0         # part of the foss-2020a toolchain
module load GCC/9.5.0
module load GCC/10.1.0
module load GCC/10.2.0        # part of the foss-2020b toolchain
module load GCC/10.3.0        # part of the foss-2021a toolchain
module load GCC/11.1.0
module load GCC/11.2.0        # part of the foss-2021b toolchain
module load GCC/11.3.0        # part of the foss-2022a toolchain
module load GCC/12.2.0        # part of the foss-2022b toolchain

Confirm that you’ve loaded the version of gcc you wanted using gcc -v.

Language support


man pages are available on the system. Once you have loaded the required version of gcc, type

man gcc