Collectively, the bedtools utilities are a swiss-army knife of tools for a wide-range of genomics analysis tasks.

Interactive usage

After connecting to Bessemer (see Establishing a SSH connection), start an interactive session with the srun --pty bash -i command.

The latest version of bedtools (currently version 2.29.2) is made available with the command:

module load BEDTools/2.29.2-GCC-9.3.0

After this any of the bedtools commands can be run from the prompt.

Installation notes

Bedtools was installed using Easybuild 4.3.1, build details can be found in /usr/local/packages/live/eb/BEDTools/2.29.2-GCC-9.3.0/easybuild/




The module file is on the system at /usr/local/modulefiles/live/eb/all/BEDTools/2.29.2-GCC-9.3.0.