Exporting GUI Fluent plots in batch submission jobs

While in a batch job you cannot call a display of a window / figure / animation as Fluent has nowhere to direct this output (there is no available display.)

To avoid this issue while attempting to export images from a batch job you should ensure the fluent command in your submission script has the -gu and -driver null arguments.

i.e. for a ShARC batch job:

fluent 2ddp -i test.jou -gu -t$NSLOTS -rsh -mpi=intel -pib.infinipath -driver null

for a Bessemer batch job:

fluent 2ddp -i test.jou -gu -t$SLURM_NTASKS -driver null

You can setup your plots / graphs either in your journal file or interactively via the GUI and saving the case file.

You can then instruct Fluent to make a hard copy after each figure/animation in the you journal file with:

/display/hard-copy "myfile.tif"

Ensure that you select the correct file format as some file types will not support animations.

For an example of the journal file commands see below:

/display set-window xx ;(xx -> window number)
/display set contours surface yy ;(surface id = yy)
/display set contours filled-contours yes
/display contour zz vof 0 1 ;(contour of volume fraction field (vof) of zz phase, min = 0, max = 1)
/display hard-copy "vof-%t.jpg" ;(save the image file in .jpg format)