WARNING: From 9am on 19th August until 5pm on 2nd September there will be no access to the Stanage HPC cluster.

We will send an email to notify you when Stanage is back online and available for job submission.

ANSYS Packages File Paths

This page contains a copy of the typical file paths for major ANSYS packages where $VERSION refers to an ANSYS version, e.g. 202, 190 etc… and $DOT_VER refers to the same version but with the dot structure e.g. 20.2 19.0 .

The ANSYS directories on the clusters are as follows:

  • Bessemer: /usr/local/packages/live/noeb/ANSYS/

  • Stanage: /opt/apps/testapps/el7/software/staging/ANSYS/

Common ANSYS Executable Paths

ANSYS Program

File Path

ANSYS Workbench


ANSYS Mechanical APDL


CFX Standalone


Autodyn Standalone


Fluent Standalone


Polyflow Standalone


(not typically installed on clusters)




ANSYS Electronics Desktop
(for Ansoft tools, e.g. Maxwell, HFSS)