The seff script can be used to display status information about a user’s historical or running jobs.


Documentation on the usage of the command can be found by running:

$ seff -h
Usage: seff [Options] <Jobid>
   -h    Help menu
   -v    Version
   -d    Debug mode: display raw Slurm data


The seff script can be used as follows with the job’s ID to give summary of important job info :

$ seff job-id

For example, on the Stanage cluster:

$ seff 64626
Job ID: 64626
User/Group: a_user/clusterusers
State: COMPLETED (exit code 0)
Nodes: 2
Cores per node: 1
CPU Utilized: 00:02:37
CPU Efficiency: 35.68% of 00:07:20 core-walltime
Job Wall-clock time: 00:03:40
Memory Utilized: 137.64 MB (estimated maximum)
Memory Efficiency: 1.71% of 7.84 GB (3.92 GB/core)