CMake is a build tool commonly used when compiling other libraries.


CMake can be loaded with one of:

module load CMake/3.15.3-GCCcore-8.3.0  # compatible with foss-2019b toolchain
module load CMake/3.13.3-GCCcore-8.2.0  # compatible with foss-2019a toolchain
module load CMake/3.12.1-GCCcore-7.3.0  # compatible with foss-2018b toolchain

CMake has a run-time dependency on libstdc++ so the cmake module files depend on and load particular versions of the GCC compiler, plus versions of the ncurses, zlib, bzip2 and cURL libraries.

Usage of CMake often involves:

  1. Creating and cd-ing into a dedicated build directory within a source tree then

  2. Running something like cmake -DSOME_OPTION -DANOTHER_OPTION ..