Development toolchains

Much of the software available on Bessemer was installed using EasyBuild, which is a tool for building and installing software on HPC systems.

EasyBuild groups core sets of dependencies as what it calls toolchains. The three supported toolchains on Bessemer are:

  • foss
    • C, C++ and Fortran compilers: GCC

    • MPI implementation: OpenMPI

    • BLAS and LAPACK implementation: OpenBLAS

    • Parallel, distributed LAPACK implementation: ScaLAPACK

    • Fourier transforms: FFTW

  • fosscuda
    • As per foss

    • Plus CUDA

  • intel

Dependency versions for toolchains

See the EasyBuild documentation for dependency versions for foss and intel

fosscuda-2019a has the same dependencies as foss-2019a plus CUDA 10.1. fosscuda-2019b has the same dependencies as foss-2019b plus CUDA 10.1 update 1.


In addition to the above toolchains there are sub-toolchains corresponding to subsets of the main toolchain dependencies:

  • gompi: GCC + openmpi

  • gompic: GCC + OpenMPI + CUDA

  • gcccuda: GCC + CUDA

  • iccifort: icc + ifort

  • iimpi: icc + ifort + impi