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Intel Compilers

Intel has compilers for C (icc), C++ (icpc) and Fortran (ifort).

To activate icc/icpc, first connect to Bessemer, start an interactive session:

srun --pty bash -i

then run:

module load icc/2019.1.144-GCC-8.2.0-2.31.1

which implicitly loads GCC 8.2.0, which is a dependency.

Confirm that you’ve loaded the version of icc/icpc you require:

icc -v

To instead activate ifort you need the following module load command:

module load ifort/2019.1.144-GCC-8.2.0-2.31.1

which also implicitly loads GCC 8.2.0.

To load both icc/icpc and ifort:

module load iccifort/2019.1.144-GCC-8.2.0-2.31.1


man pages are available on the system. Once you have loaded the required version of icc/icpc/ifort, run:

man icc
man ifort