The ShARC HPC cluster was decommissioned on the 30th of November 2023 at 17:00. It is no longer possible for users to access that cluster.

MVAPICH2 (Intel version)

MVAPICH, also known as MVAPICH2, is, like OpenMPI, an implementation of the MPI standard for passing messages between machines in parallel computing environments.


You can load MVAPICH2 using

module load mpi/mvapich2/2.3b/intel-17.0.0

This version was build with the Intel compiler suite version 17.0.0.

See here for an overview of the features offered per MVAPICH2 release.

Running MPI programs

A set of benchmarking programs programs, the OSU Micro Benchmarks, are available in the directory:


Documentation and source code for these benchmarks can be found online.

To run one of these programs or another program built with this particular MPI software you want to submit an MPI-aware batch job (or interactive session) in which you load the MVAPICH2 module file then run the program.

An example batch job that runs a benchmark program using 4 CPU cores:

#$ -pe mpi 4

# Display the scheduler's allocation of 'slots' to the job
# (where slots are equivalent to CPU cores in this case)

# Load an MPI implementation
module load mpi/mvapich2/2.3b/intel-17.0.0

# run an benchmark program on all of your MPI nodes using the mpirun utility
mpirun $MVAPICH_ENV $MPI_HOME/libexec/osu-micro-benchmarks/mpi/collective/osu_allgather

# or to run on a subset of the nodes:
# (here we run a program that benchmarks bidirectional bandwidth between just 2 MPI 'ranks' (processes))
mpirun -np 2 $MVAPICH_ENV $MPI_HOME/libexec/osu-micro-benchmarks/mpi/pt2pt/osu_bibw


You should always specify the absolute or relative path to the MPI program you want to run; otherwise you will see errors like:

[] HYDU_create_process (utils/launch/launch.c:75): execvp error on file mpi_hello_world (No such file or directory)
[] HYDU_create_process (utils/launch/launch.c:75): execvp error on file mpi_hello_world (No such file or directory)

Building applications

To build an MPI program (e.g. mpi_hello_world.c):

# Connect to ShARC
ssh user@sharc

# Start an interactive session

# Load an MPI implementation
module load mpi/mvapich2/2.3b/intel-17.0.0

cd path/to/source/code

# Compile the program using MVAPICH2's MPI-aware wrapper for the Intel 17.0 C compiler
mpicc mpi_hello_world.c

Installation notes

These are primarily for administrators of the system.

Version 2.3b, Intel 17.0.0 compiler

  1. Ensure Intel compilers 17.0.0 are installed and licensed.

  2. Download, compile and install MVAPICH2 2.3b using The console log from running

  3. Install this modulefile as /usr/local/modulefiles/mpi/mvapich2/2.3b/intel-17.0.0

  4. Tested by running the OSU micro benchmarks using a mvapich2test.sge job submission script. Results: mvapich2test.sge.log.

  5. NB the MVAPICH_ENV environment variable is set by the module file and is used to pass multiple environment variables to slaves for controlling process binding. See the module file for more info.