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Intel MKL

Intel’s Math Kernel Library (MKL) provides highly optimized, threaded and vectorized functions to maximize performance on each processor family. It utilises de-facto standard C and Fortran APIs for compatibility with BLAS, LAPACK and FFTW functions from other math libraries.


Intel MKL can be activated using one of the following:

module load imkl/2020.1.217-iimpi-2020a # subset of intel-2020a EasyBuild toolchain
module load imkl/2020.4.304-iimpi-2020b # subset of intel-2020b EasyBuild toolchain
module load imkl/2021.2.0-iimpi-2021a   # subset of intel-2021a EasyBuild toolchain
module load imkl/2021.4.0 # part of intel-2021b EasyBuild toolchain
module load imkl/2022.1.0 # part of intel-2022a EasyBuild toolchain
module load imkl/2022.2.1 # part of intel-2022b EasyBuild toolchain

which also implicitly loads a version of the iimpi toolchain, itself being a subset of the intel toolchain.


IMKL-FFTW is a library that combines the FFTW library with IMKL to provide optimized FFT routines that are specifically optimized for Intel processors.

Intel MKL-FFTW can be activated using one of the following:

module load imkl-FFTW/2021.4.0-iimpi-2021b
module load imkl-FFTW/2022.1.0-iimpi-2022a
module load imkl-FFTW/2022.2.1-iimpi-2022b