The RStudio integrated development environment (IDE) is a set of tools built to help you be more productive with R and Python.

Interactive Usage

To use RStudio you will need to be in a flight graphical session on Stanage.

In your flight session open a terminal and load the R and Rstudio modules

module load R/4.2.1-foss-2022a
module load rstudio/2023.12.0-369-x86_64-fedora

Once you have loaded the modules you can launch the RStudio IDE by running the following command:

rstudio --no-sandbox

Installation Notes

RStudio version 2023.12.0-369

Was installed using Easybuild 4.8.1, build details can be found in $EBROOTRSTUDIO/easybuild with the module loaded.

I created the following easy config. (Hasn’t been pushed to the EB community yet)

easyblock = 'Tarball'

name = 'rstudio'
version = "2023.12.0-369-x86_64-fedora"

homepage = ''
description = """RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R and Python."""

toolchain = SYSTEM

source_urls = ['']
sources = ['rstudio-%(version)s.tar.gz']
checksums = ['8235b74bb564332788e2adcba95e23e9acd6c387cb42305b885da92e680760b6']

modextrapaths = {
    'PATH': '',
        'LIBRARY_PATH': '',
        'LD_LIBRARY_PATH': '',

sanity_check_paths = {
    'files': ["rstudio"],
    'dirs': [],

moduleclass = 'devel'


Testing has been conducted by running an interactive session and running some of the examples found here. <>